It sounds to us, from the answers to our questions that you may be suffering from acne.

Acne prone skins tend not to shed skin cells as quickly as a ‘normal’ skin type. Because of this you will need to consider exfoliating your skin well and probably a bit more that the average person. Having said that though, you need to be careful how you are exfoliating as your skin type can often be more sensitive and scrub exfoliators could spread your acne bacteria or over stimulate your sebaceous (oil) glands.

A few key products that will benefit your skin are:

– MediBac Clearing skin wash

– MediBac overnight clearing gel

– Daily Resurfacer

– UltraCalming Cleanser

– UltraCalming Serum Concentrate


We would always recommend for clients who want to buy products to come in and get a free Face Mapping skin analysis. This way, we can prescribe the correct products for your skin type and improve your skins health with the correct products.

View our treatments for Acne skin below

Dermalogica 30 Minute Microzone Facial

Do you struggle to make spare time? These 30 minute Dermalogica Facials are perfect for those of you who either have little spare time or want to get into a skin care routine and are on a bit of a budget. Having these Microzone treatments weekly would do wonders for any skin concern you may have, from sensitivity, to acne or ageing.

  • 30 minutes £30.00
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Dermaceutic Chemical Peel

Dermaceutic Glycolic Milk Peel is a 50% glycolic chemical peel treatment. This is the highest percentage of gylcolic a therapist can use without having doctor/cosmetic training. You skin is cleansed with a 15% Glycolic wash before treatment, the peel is applied for only 2 minutes and then your skin is treated with post treatment moisturiser afterwards. You may experience some redness that day, some dryness and slight skin peeling the next couple of days but there is no serious down time. Amazing for breakout prone skin, acne scarring, pigmentation, open pores and skin clarity. One a week for 4 sessions is highly recommended.

  • 1 Treatment £50
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Face Mapping

We offer Dermalogica’s exclusive face mapping service to every client free of charge whether you are having a facial treatment with us or just want advice on the best Dermalogica products for your personal home care needs. Call to book in for your free skin map today.

  • 15 minutes Free
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BioSurface Peel

Dermalogica’s Bio Surface Peel is a new concept in peels, using a mix of enzyme and glycolic peels this facial is the ultimate re-surface for your skin. The facial can be taken to different exfoliation depending on the amount of times the solutions are applied to your skin during each skin treatment. Helps with fine lines, open pores, pigmentation and skin brightness. Minimum down time, some redness may occur that day and you may experience some dryness for a couple of days after.

  • Individual Treatment £68
  • Course Of 3 £186
  • Course of 6 £365
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Dermalogica Product Facials

Introducing an amazing new concept in facials from Dermalogica. Since we have started working with the Dermalogica brand we no longer offer ‘named’ facials. Dermalogica have recognised that every single persons skin type and condition is personal and every time you come in your skin will be different so we offer Dermalogica’s exclusive Face Map service before every facial. Your therapist will then mix and match Dermalogica’s products to your individual needs on every one of your visits. All you have to do is choose how much time you would like spent on your skin!

  • 60 minutes £47
  • 75 minutes £60
  • 90 minutes £70
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Ive been going to see Lois and the girls at The Little Beauty Co for my nails and Microderms for ages now and would never go anywhere else. I really feel at home there, the therapists and all the clients I meet in there are very friendly and we always have such a good laugh! - and my skin's never looked better!

- Emma, Allerton.

Ive been going to see Lois and the girls at The Little Beauty Co for my nails and Microderms for ages now and would never go anywhere else.

- Bill, Wavertree